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As part of trying to imagine new ways of being church for people, we'd like to understand why church is increasingly not a place they think of being part of.

Church at its best is a place where all are welcome and loved for who God made them. It's a place where people intent on following Jesus' example of unconditional love and acceptance meet to worship and from where they go out to serve their community. At its best church can show God's love through action and bring new people into a living relationship with God that will transform the way they feel about the world and its people. At its best church can be a place of tolerance, kindness, excitement, joy and freedom.

This video does a good job of knocking some popular misconceptions of church.

It's worth remembering that church fellowships are made up of real people with all the same problems and setbacks as everyone else. Followers of Jesus are not exempt from the problems of the world and are every bit shaped by their upbringing and environment as everyone else. They aren't perfect, and neither are the churches they create.

We've created the why not church campaign to gather thoughts and opinions from anyone who has the time to answer this simple question:

Why don't you go to church?

You can have your say by visiting our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/yxchurch and tweet us your thoughts on #yxchurch

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