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International Day of Prayer for the Emergency Services
Webteam: Tue 23 Jun 11:11am

The 25th of June is the annual day of prayer for the emergency services and I would like to ask you to join in prayer together on this day and this invitation is extended to all your local churches. The miracle of the Resurrection of Christ would never have occurred where Christ removed from the suffering of humanity. Instead, Christ's sacrifice and submission of the...

Webteam: Thu 18 Jun 9:00am Week...

Derrick King raising money for Witney Hospital
Webteam: Tue 16 Jun 9:29am

An update:Derrick has been working like a trojan the past couple of months to keep up with the orders. People were told about his creations on facebook too and that led to more orders. He has now reached his target of £2,000 + a little bit more, and is now taking a long long rest. He will still take orders as he has always done, but in his time and at a different pace and will...

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