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Here is a link for Bible Month resources for anyone who might like to use these. If you download them onto your computer they are free! This year the studies are on the book of Ruth. They can of course be used at any time and not just in June.

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Webteam: Tue 27 Oct 4:24pm

Dear FriendsWeek thirty. Today is Tuesday 27th October 2020 and a day of deep joy for yours truly: today I met Willow and held her and her sister Fleur for the first time. Although they were born a month ago, Willow needed extra care being only 3lb when born. During her time in hospital no visitors were allowed so it was a significant moment this morning to hold her for the first time. She...

Webteam: Tue 20 Oct 2:52pm

Dear FriendsWeek twenty nine. Before I came to this Circuit in 2015, I lived in Thame and looked after the LEP there. But I also had churches in Cuddington, Haddenham and Chinnor. So it was with great sadness that I learnt of the tragic death of a family from Chinnor on the A40 a few days ago. Mother Zoe and three of her children Phoebe, Simeon and Amelia tragically died, whilst her husband...

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 13-37-54
Webteam: Mon 05 Oct 12:01am

Reset the Debt: A fresh start for families in Britain swept into debt by Covid-19.The experience of the pandemic has been hard for so many of us. But for many families who were already only just surviving it has also meant huge amounts of unavoidable debt. Many people have had to borrow in order to pay for basics such as food. The lockdown has magnified the inequalities in society. While...

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Webteam: Tue 27 Oct 4:24pm
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Webteam: Tue 20 Oct 2:52pm
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Rest the debt
Webteam: Mon 05 Oct 12:01am
Ride and Stride
Ride and Stride 2020
Webteam: Thu 01 Oct 10:54am
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The Week Ahead
Webteam: Wed 23 Sep 9:00am
Methodist Homes - now taking admissions
Webteam: Mon 20 Jul 2:46pm

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